Producing only high quality components and welds.

What We Offer

Metal, Stainless Steel Tanks & Hoppers

Stainless Steel Tanks and Fabrication in Melbourne   L.D.M Engineering manufactures tanks and hoppers for the food, pharmaceutical, and...

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Pressure Pipes and Vessels Manufacturing

At L.D.M Engineering, we have the experience, expertise and equipment to manufacture high quality pressure pipes and vessels in...

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Certified Welding

At L.D.M Engineering, we offer customised, certified welding procedures on any metal materials, including stainless steel, high nickel alloys...

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Ducting Stainless Steel

As part of our expert metal fabrication services, L.D.M Engineering offers custom ducting in stainless steel for food and...

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L.D.M Engineering is a family-owned and operated stainless steel and metal fabrication and manufacturing firm in Melbourne producing high quality components and welds. With a long history and extensive experience, we can make a vast range of steel, nickel and other metal products.

For 40 years, L.D.M Engineering has offered reliable, professional metal fabrication services, certified welding, pressure pipes & vessel manufacturing in Melbourne to a wide range of industries. We have fulfilled orders for the manufacturing, food processing, and chemical industries, offering a range of products from a stainless steel ribbon blender through to an 11m metre quench chamber.


We have the capability in both staff and equipment to take on small and large jobs. As a small, dedicated team, we are very flexible in the items we can construct and in the time spans we can offer. We offer guaranteed lead times on all projects and can generate an accurate quote (both in time and price) from drawings. We know that we’re just one part of your construction process and play our part to ensure you can meet your deadlines.


We have a base of regular customers who have trusted us with their stainless steel fabricating needs for many years – some for two generations!


For a quote on our services for welding and metal fabrication in Melbourne, email