Metal, Stainless Steel Tanks & Hoppers

Stainless Steel Tanks and Fabrication in Melbourne   L.D.M Engineering manufactures tanks and hoppers for the food, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries. We fabricate processing and stainless steel storage tanks in Melbourne to your exact specifications, to fit within your facilities, timeframe, and budget. As with all of our fabrications,...

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Pressure Pipes and Vessels Manufacturing

At L.D.M Engineering, we have the experience, expertise and equipment to manufacture high quality pressure pipes and vessels in Melbourne that perform each and every time. Our pressurised products are largely used in the petro-chemical industry, with the occasional job in food, beverages and chemical applications.   Containing pressurised...

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Certified Welding

At L.D.M Engineering, we offer customised, certified welding procedures on any metal materials, including stainless steel, high nickel alloys and aluminium. Our reliable process includes welding an example piece that is sent off for testing. Once we’re sure the weld is sound, we then complete the job in a...

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Ducting Stainless Steel

As part of our expert metal fabrication services, L.D.M Engineering offers custom ducting in stainless steel for food and beverage processing plants. Our custom duct work and ventilation products are made to your specific requirements, to ensure your plant operates to the best of its abilities. With years of...

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